Although I do not like horror, this is pretty interesting.

Hidden Horrors You Must See

cofferSwedish filmmaker David F. Sandberg has a number of atmospheric short horror films under his belt – most notably (and viral), the 2014 Who’s There Film Challenge winner Lights Out – and they all prove filmmakers do not need a large crew, expensive equipment or even a budget to make an effective horror film. Each one of Sandberg’s productions are all beautifully lit with cheap IKEA lights and feature one character (Sandberg’s wife and frequent writing/producing collaborator Lotta Losten), including his 2014 supernatural short, Coffer.

When a lone woman begins hearing strange noises coming from her chest or ‘coffer’ one night, she investigates the box and discovers something sinister dwelling within.

Apart from the beautiful IKEA lighting (he has stated on his website, “I don’t let the
absence of budgets stop me from creating. I’ll make due with what I have.”), Sandberg also employs brilliant sound design throughout his films, which play out…

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John Wick – The New Direction for Action Cinema?

Fandango Groovers Movie Blog

There is a trend in filmmaking to jump on a popular bandwagon.  Every successful film or idea has countless imitators.  Think of all the films that followed The Matrix or the current glut of comic book movies.  One of the trends that has dominated the last decade of action films is the hand held camera and staccato editing perfected by Paul Greengrass in The Bourne Supremacy.  While it worked in that film it has been used countless times to less success.  Done well clever and quick editing has the ability to make any actor appear to be able to fight like Bruce Lee but taken the balletic beauty away from action films.  We started to see a return to a more traditional action in Steven Soderbergh’s Haywire (2011) .  He was able to do this having built a film around former MMA fighter Gina Carano, he could stand back…

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Star Trek the animated series-The Practical Joker

Lasers, monsters and barbarians oh, my!


The Enterprise is attacked kapow by some Romulans near an asteroid. Kirk decides to pull away because they out numbered and their shields have been hurt awwwww. When they establish communication the Romulans claim that Kirk entered their space. The Romulan says he’s going to kill Kirk and pursues the Enterprise zoom zoom. Sulu reports an identified energy field up ahead. Having no fear and little sense Kirk says full speed ahead with the goal of losing the Romulans being in his mind. They lose their pointy eared pursuers, but the cloud gets into the computer system and screws it up. Jokes begin to be played on the crew by the computer including dribble glasses, Spock’s new microscope smears black around his eyes, the food dispenser pelts Scotty with food and Kirk gets a name written on his shirt. Spock figures out the computer is doing this. Around this time…

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Ten things I learned from Jurassic Park 3

Lasers, monsters and barbarians oh, my!


1-Don’t go parasailing near a dinosaur infested island-bad idea.

2-Don’t trust mercenaries that you hired off some ad.

3-If you are getting paid for something that sounds funny then get your payment in cash instead of a worthless check.

4-Yelling out loud for someone on a dinosaur infested island is never a good idea.

5-Every boy seems to have read Dr. Grant’s books.

6-Stealing Raptor eggs can be both bad and good at the same time, who knew?

7-If you enter a big birdcage then you may run into big birds or pterodons.

8-If you dig in dino poo you will eventually find what you are looking for.

9-Taking swimming lessons will help you lose weight and prepare you for fighting dinosaurs.

10-It’s always good to have a friend that will call in the in the military to get you off a dinosaur infested island.

The negatives-This film has any many…

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9 Entrepreneurial Team Member Traits

David Cummings on Startups

Sam Wheeler of PayRight Health Solutions posted a great comment yesterday about traits he finds in entrepreneurial team members at thriving startups. After seeing the list, I readily agree.

Here are his nine entrepreneurial traits of successful team members:

  1. Flourish with ambiguity.
  2. Love constant change.
  3. Feel as if they are on a mission.
  4. Comfortable being misunderstood.
  5. Can make decisions and move quickly.
  6. Willing to discard prior beliefs when proven wrong.
  7. Always try to hire smarter and better employees.
  8. Don’t give up, but know when to move on.
  9. Think of themselves as builders.

The next time you’re recruiting a candidate, or thinking through your core values, reference this solid list.

What else? What are some other entrepreneurial team member traits you like?

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Prompt: Unexpected Night

Alysha Kaye

Sometimes, when I’m in a writing slump (which lately, is always), I allow Twitter to feed me prompts. There are an astounding number of tweeps whose sole tweet purpose is to motivate others to write. It’s pretty great. So here goes: an unexpected night.


Blue paint was creeping into my nostrils and caking around every crease of my lips but I was two drinks down and feeling anything but blue. I guess I can be more specific—it wasn’t blue paint exactly, that was curdling around my eyebrows—it was (unfortunately) more like periwinkle. Luckily, I had a BLUE long-sleeved t-shirt, BLUE shorts, and BLUE tights to combat any confusion: I was blue (even if my face was periwinkle). A long, RED (orange-red, if I’m being honest) wig draped itself around my splotchy neck and YELLOW (definite on this one) cat-eye contacts continued to rotate creepily since I was wearing them over…

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Sling TV strikes deal with Univision for its online TV service


Online TV streaming service Sling TV is about to get bilingual: Sling TV has struck an agreement with Univision to carry its Spanish-language broadcast and cable networks, both companies announced Monday. The deal could help Sling, which is currently in an invite-only beta test, with an audience that is most likely to cut the cord.

Under the agreement, Sling will be able to carry Univision, UniMás, Univision Deportes, Galavisión, El Rey Network, Bandamax, De Película, De Película Clásico, Telehit, Tlnovelas and FOROtv.

There’s no word yet on how Sling, which is owned and operated by Dish, is going to integrate the networks into its service. The company introduced a $20 base plan with 12 networks, including ESPN and TNT, at CES last month. In addition, it is offering a $5 kids and family bundle and a $5 news and information bundle as add-on packages. Company executives said at…

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Microsoft launches its second lock screen app for Android


On Monday, Microsoft introduced a new lock screen app on to Google Play called Picturesque. Yet another sign that Microsoft under CEO Satya Nadella is a proudly cross-platform company, Picturesque isn’t Microsoft’s first Android-exclusive app. It’s not even Microsoft’s first Android lock screen app — that honor goes to Next Lock Screen, released last fall.

Picturesque was developed in Microsoft’s Garage program, started in 2010 as an outlet for certain Microsoft employees to “explore ideas they might normally tinker with in their nights and weekends.” Apparently, Microsoft Garage employees would like to write Android apps in their spare time.

The app is cross-platform within limits because it heavily relies on Microsoft’s Bing search engine, as opposed to Google Search. Picturesque takes advantage of the big splash images on Bing’s front page and plops them onto your Android phone’s lock screen. The launcher also throws a Bing search bar at the top that can…

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It came from the bargain bin-Konga

Sometimes the best things come from the bargain bin.

Lasers, monsters and barbarians oh, my!




Purchased at the Dollar Tree so yeah for one buck probably at least four years ago.

I tried to watch it once back then and lost interest so I never finished. This feature gave me reason to push onward and attempt see the whole thing.  It features Michael Gough (Horror of Dracula, Hammer’s The Phantom of the opera, Alfred from Tim Burton’s Batman and tons of other stuff), it’s a British monster film from a time when a lot of good horror was coming out of that area and it has a giant ape. So it has to be good..right? Eh..well.. that is to say no, not really. It kind of has elements of Frankenstein and King Kong, but unfortunately not much of a budget, script, personality or much else to keep it going. This botanist (Gough) has these crazy serums and plants going. He also has eyes for…

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Once Upon a Time

‘Once Upon a Time’: How will the Spell of Shattered Sight affect Storybrooke? by Natalie Abrams | November 28 2014

Every Sunday I can’t wait to see what affliction the citizens from storybrooke have to endure. There always seems to be some catastrophe happening. At this point, I might want to see what life is awaiting me outside of Storybrooke!

Here’s the link:


Catherine Anderson

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