A great show in its second season on Showcase. What I like about this show is that it’s about a couple that is trying to reinvent their relationship when things were going tough. Trying to understand the new directions they were now going.


Also, the show touches on other types of relationships that exist – open relationships, consenting escorts and swingers.   Why do we need labels? We should be able to live out our lives with partners that understand us enough to accept us.

I am in the position to start something new since my last long term serious relationship has dissolved. He was a controller and was not sure how to act with a strong, determined and passionate woman. Now it’s time to find my way again. Explore my choices.

To have something free with my partner is something that I hope to obtain. To be able to explore my sexuality is something that is important to who I am. The journey has begun.

Catherine Anderson
Blogger and Book Reviewer
TRS Reviews

By J. Catherine Andrew Posted in Blog

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