Remembering Alan Rickman

Source: Remembering Alan Rickman

He was one of my favorite actors because he had a distinctive way of projecting his characters.  I loved the Harry Potter movies and Galaxy Quest.  He will be solely missed!


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A great show in its second season on Showcase. What I like about this show is that it’s about a couple that is trying to reinvent their relationship when things were going tough. Trying to understand the new directions they were now going.


Also, the show touches on other types of relationships that exist – open relationships, consenting escorts and swingers.   Why do we need labels? We should be able to live out our lives with partners that understand us enough to accept us.

I am in the position to start something new since my last long term serious relationship has dissolved. He was a controller and was not sure how to act with a strong, determined and passionate woman. Now it’s time to find my way again. Explore my choices.

To have something free with my partner is something that I hope to obtain. To be able to explore my sexuality is something that is important to who I am. The journey has begun.

Catherine Anderson
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Update & Lootcrate Sept Summon Theme Unboxing w/WizWar100 (1080 HD 60 FPS)

Source: Update & Lootcrate Sept Summon Theme Unboxing w/WizWar100 (1080 HD 60 FPS)


Since I’ve heard so much about Lootcrate, I decided to get one of my own during September for the theme of Summon.  I was disappointed when the Lootcrate box came damaged.  Also, the magazine inside seemed to have been wet and then left to dry because the pages were crinkled and stuck together.

The only thing I liked in the box was the Pikachu hat and the Supernatural 1967 car.  The rest of the items were not that great at all.

Luckily, the October theme is TIME so I am giving Lootcrate another chance to redeem itself.  If the box comes damaged again and the magazine is also “water” damaged, then I’ll start to think, “Where do they store these things before shipping to Canada?”.

In any case, fingers crossed for the October Lootcrate!

C. Anderson


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Carrie- Stephen King

If Books Could Blog

Stephen King is one of the most recommended and loved horror novelists, until now I’d only seen two films based on King’s work, so as my first introduction to Stephen King’s novels I selected Carrie.

The first thing that hit me when I started reading Carrie was curiosity as to how similar the novel and film would be. But I quickly forgot about any kind of comparison; as the novel quickly had me engrossed in the narrative and compelled to keep reading right until the very end.Carrie The format of Carrie threw me at first, written from numerous perspectives, jumping between different time frames and interjections written in note format throughout- it certainly wasn’t your typical novel style, and not what I expected. Once passed the first few chapters I had gotten used to the flow of novel- I found the trick was to simply read it, not try…

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Movie of the Month: April 2015

Fandango Groovers Movie Blog

I have enjoyed all ten movies I have seen this month, but one stands out as a joyous and timeless classic of its genre, which will be movie of the month?

Fast & Furious 7: The franchise has morphed beyond all recognition since its first incarnation fourteen years ago.  Made under the shadow of the untimely death of star Paul Walker the film is totally stupid and but is tremendous fun. In the month since I saw it, it has clocked up over a billion and furious 7

While We’re Young: Noah Baumbach’s comedy drama combines the themes of a midlife crisis with intergenerational jealousy.  It has more than a whiff of Woody Allen and is as good as Allens best of recent years.  Ben Stiller has again proved to be a good actor with the right material.While We're Young

John Wick:Bonkers over stylised ultraviolent revenge thriller.  Breaking from the current trend of…

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Anticipation for Mad Max Fury Road

I remember when I watched the original Mad Max with Mel Gibson and when Tina Turner was guest staring in one of the movies. They were awesome. I wonder how this movie is going to turn out?

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Mad Max Fury Road VehiclesWe are less than two weeks from the UK release of Mad Max Fury Road.  A film that has been in production for what seems like ever.  There were rumours of a fourth film as long ago as Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome (1985).  I wrote about it five years ago with an expected release in 2012 or 2013.  I picked up the story in 2012, beyond the time when the film should have been released, it hadn’t even begun shooting.  They should have started primary location filming in Broken Hill, New South Wales, the same as the original movies.  Production was first delayed by heavy rain, then a big decision was taken.  The unprecedented rain turned the desolate desert landscape into a lush green and flower filled garden making it aesthetically unsuitable. Production moved to Namibia.  Anyone who has seen Richard Stanley’s B movie masterpiece Dust Devil will know that…

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