About Me

It’s hard to know who you are going to be and what or who is going to affect you.

As a single mother, a collector and reader of books, a financial representative and a blogger, I have no regrets just experience.  I want to know more, learn more and tell people what I know to try to give them the heads up before getting kicked in the face.

Always take a breath and look around you.  Isn’t it beautiful?  Become a part of it.

Try to follow your dreams and make sure you don’t step on anyone’s toes doing it.  Remember that everyone wants a chance at life – maybe you don’t share the same viewpoint, or see eye to eye, but everyone is entitled to an opinion so let it go.

Have fun and help others who are trying to have fun also.  Somewhere in the depths of his or her soul, is a trapped individual waiting to be set free.

Make mistakes…live life…make friends…have no regrets…take adventures…dance…..fall in love!



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