Anticipation for Mad Max Fury Road

I remember when I watched the original Mad Max with Mel Gibson and when Tina Turner was guest staring in one of the movies. They were awesome. I wonder how this movie is going to turn out?

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Mad Max Fury Road VehiclesWe are less than two weeks from the UK release of Mad Max Fury Road.  A film that has been in production for what seems like ever.  There were rumours of a fourth film as long ago as Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome (1985).  I wrote about it five years ago with an expected release in 2012 or 2013.  I picked up the story in 2012, beyond the time when the film should have been released, it hadn’t even begun shooting.  They should have started primary location filming in Broken Hill, New South Wales, the same as the original movies.  Production was first delayed by heavy rain, then a big decision was taken.  The unprecedented rain turned the desolate desert landscape into a lush green and flower filled garden making it aesthetically unsuitable. Production moved to Namibia.  Anyone who has seen Richard Stanley’s B movie masterpiece Dust Devil will know that…

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