Reddit dips its toes back into mobile with Ask Me Anything app


Reddit is a sprawling online community that appeals to a range of different interests, from anime art to journalistic coverage of breaking news, but one of the site’s most popular features regardless of topic is the Ask Me Anything crowdsourced interviews it does with celebrities of various kinds — including President Barack Obama, who did one in 2012. Banking on that popularity, the online forum operator has launched a mobile app devoted to the AMAs.

Ellen Pao, a senior vice-president with Reddit and former venture capitalist with Kleiner Perkins Caulfield Byers who was hired to expand the site’s reach and monetization efforts, made it clear in an interview with Variety magazine that the new app is just the start of Reddit’s plan to grow as a media entity, saying: “We’re excited and happy to grow but we’ve never been super proactive about it, it’s always been done organically…

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By J. Catherine Andrew Posted in Blog

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