Gigaom Research webinar: Continuous delivery: driving business agility, improving business execution and decreasing time to market


In today’s world fast paced business innovation driven by mobile, cloud and omniprestent connectivity, every organization is trying to  reach new markets and interact with customers in new and exciting ways. When it comes to application development and deployment, companies are looking to accelerate time to market (TTM) and deliver faster business execution. Businesses are focused on automation and optimization of IT software delivery stream so that they can rapidly respond to competitive threats and new opportunities.

In this webinar, our panel will address these questions:

  • What are the benefits and ROI of an open sourced based CDI solution?
  • What are the ideal use cases for utilizing a CD solution?
  • What are the key issues faced by enterprises who build apps using traditional software delivery rather than CD?
  • How can CD add stability, efficiency, security, availability and agility to app development?
  • What key features should businesses look for in…

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By J. Catherine Andrew Posted in Blog

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