Feature or product, Dropbox just needs to survive Amazon, Google and Microsoft


How many features does it take to be considered a product? That’s a question Wall Street is probably asking regarding Dropbox and Box and their quests to enter the public-market promised land. As these companies continue to burn through cash while Amazon, Google and Microsoft roll out competing services, investors have to be questioning just how feasible their business plans really are.

In the past several weeks, the storage wars between the big cloud providers has created a sort of ancillary battle involving the features thrown on top of the storage services these companies want to sell. Remember that in 2009 Steve Jobs once described Dropbox as being “a feature, not a product,” per a recollection Dropbox CEO Drew Houston once had with the Apple legend.

Amazon’s (S AMZN) Zocalo work-collaboration tool obviously stung Box and Dropbox, but it was also aimed at Microsoft (S MSFT) and Google (S GOOG)…

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By J. Catherine Andrew Posted in Blog

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