Life’s Epiphany

It’s funny about life. When you’re young, you feel as if you have your whole life ahead of you and you know what direction you want to go all the while telling yourself that no one is going to steer you away from your goals and dreams.

Then, somewhere in your life you get married, have children, look after sick parents or siblings or end up becoming a single parent which puts you off track.

Well, let me tell you that life isn’t easy but you knew that. It’s going to give you so many turns and twists that half the time you want to give up. You tell yourself that, “things could be worse” but you don’t really believe it because it feels like it’s already worse for you.

This Easter weekend made me reflect on how bad things really used to be and how truly worse it can be. The time I spent with my family made me realize that family support and love will make you feel like things will be alright and that you won’t be alone.

Don’t get me wrong – life does suck sometimes but it’s not permanent and there is a shining light that will come through for you. Enjoy the happy moments in your life and the awesome achievements because they will carry you through the mistakes and give you the strength you need to be successful in your own right.

J. Andrew

By J. Catherine Andrew Posted in Comment

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