TLC Showcasing Addictions

During the weekend, I was catching up on a few documentaries when I came across a show from TLC called My Strange Addiction.

You can find the link here, if you want to check it out:

My concern was for these poor people that TLC seems to broadcast their issues in public. Although I am sure each person had to sign a waiver, why would the television show post their insecurity?

What is disconcerting is the person who was eating the couch cushions. Even when she was getting stomach pains, she kept eating it.

Most of these poor souls have something missing in their life that causes them to seek comfort in something else. I don’t blame them but seeking help and family support is what they need.

There was another issue of a man who had a relationship with a synthetic doll that looked like a human female. I know it’s hard to have a meaningful relationship with anyone. The good thing is that he had one foot in reality still. He had friends, he was close with his family and he had a good job. At least he kept his synthetic relations in the house where it wasn’t hurting anyone. It was for his personal comfort.

It was surprising to see so many troubled people. I hope that through support, TLC is getting them in contact with people who can help them and not exploiting them for the network.

JC Andrew

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