Robocop: A little too Soft to Be a Good Cop

30 Second Cinema


The Robocop remake is the latest feature that tries to keep the human in artificial intelligence. Her Spike Jonze’s cyber love story about a geek who falls in love with his female voiced operating system was the cool romantic comedy for our new machine age.   The upcoming Johnny Depp starring Transcendence has Mr Depp’s mind loaded onto mainframes and spreading his megalomania to rest of networked cyberspace.  This Robocop is a transition piece between the two– not fully committing to finding and loving the soul in the machine and not completely willing to commit coding itself to the dark side.   

This Alex Murphy is less machine tooled than the Peter Weller original.  Swedish actor Joel Kinnaman (The Killing) ups the angst and the horror of discovering that underneath his silver (later black) surface he is nothing but a brain and lung kept alive by the technology of…

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By J. Catherine Andrew Posted in Blog

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