Live Life Like Dr Who?

I was finally able to watch all the Doctor Who episodes I saved on my PVR from the holidays. Tonight was the last one and it took me by surprise at the Doctor’s reaction to his regeneration.

It was the episode where David Tennant was going to be The Doctor for the last time. The Master had arisen and using the help of a machine, he was able to change everyone on the face of the earth like him. The Doctor of course saved the day but at a large cost. He had an idea his time was coming. It was fortold.

During the episode he focused on his death and his time. He could feel the process happening so he wanted to stop in on his past companions one last time by making a quick appearance to them. It was a sad but brilliant episode. An extraordinary episode for his last hurrah. As he started to dissipate, his last words were, “I don’t want to go”, before Matt Smith took over his body and his mind.

I know I’m referring to Dr Who but what the show has shown me is that you should never wait until something happens. You should try to live life because you never know when your time will be taken away. It was like the episode was trying to tell us to make things happen in life, don’t sit by while life passes you. We are all great in one way or another and we touch each other’s lives without realizing it.

Like the Doctor, we all need a companion. Whether it’s a life partner or a life long friend, when your time has come to pass you want to be able to say you lived life to the fullest and you want to be able to share that with someone.

Catherine Anderson


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