What A New Year – 2014!

When I was a kid, 2014 seemed so foreign to me. Wow, I thought there would be spaceships and aliens but we are closer to understanding the paranormal than ever before and we revel in it. Who wouldn’t want a supernatural being as a friend?

Reality shows are dominating our television and our kids are glued to some kind of electronics or another. Gone are the days of real outdoor play.

I am hoping that 2014 opens the doors for us to find our roots. Go back to playing outside with our friends, being creative with our hands and our minds and becoming more social instead of texts and skype. Become more real instead of cyber!

New Year’s Resolutions are so much forgotten by February so when you make yours, choose something you really want to change, or fix or accomplish. Don’t let it run away from you this year.

Thank you to my readers and passersby. Happy New Year 2014.

Catherine Anderson

By J. Catherine Andrew Posted in Blog

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