Do You Feel Swamped But Love It?


It’s funny…I used to think “oh, my goodness, I don’t have enough time in the day!” and sometimes I would wish I had nothing to do. But then what? Would I come home every day and sit around? That would drive me insane.

I just realized that I had to get myself more organized. I have a Blackberry so I started using it religiously to get my appointments and schedules down pat to the last minute.

I take public transit to and from work so if I have a book review to work on, I bring the book with me and read it while I am on the transit.

With our busy lives, my family doesn’t sit down for dinner every night but a few nights a week instead and definitely on Sundays. This gives me the opportunity to make some cold calls after work or set up appointments in order to further my financial career to which I am doing on a part-time basis.

My daughter is on her last year of high school so she only asks for my help with her homework if absolutely necessary so this frees up my time to do some writing and editing on my novel.

I like keeping busy but there is still time for fun. Every two weeks I go out Friday night for a few hours with either my girlfriends or if my boyfriend can make it into town. You need a release from time to time or you are going to get overwhelmed with your responsibilities.

Some people love being a couch potatoe, but that’s the job of my PVR. I love my favorite shows from The Originals to America’s Next Top Model to Elementary. I have a gamut of different genres I enjoy but it is also placed in my strategic organizational plan.

• Prepare a foundation for being organized
• Use your tools and resources to stay organized
• Use any free time at your disposal
• Any quality time with your family would be appreciated
• A little time for yourself is better than no time at all

It may be overwhelming but I don’t have any regrets about living life to the fullest!

Catherine Anderson

One comment on “Do You Feel Swamped But Love It?

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