Why Not Try Cosplay?


I’ve been attending conventions for a few years and in the beginning, I was oblivious to what it really meant to dress up.  Learning that the term is called cosplaying, I looked into it further and found that it is a very popular and demanding hobby.  It takes hard work to precisely make and prepare an outfit for a convention and some people take it very seriously.

There have been controversy on what types of people should be cosplaying, in reference to body types and sex,  if people should be crossplaying or leave the character in its original form or spicing up the cosplay character to include a steampunk look.

Shows such as Heroes of Cosplay, Fangasm and Fanboy give you some insight into cosplay.  It’s fascinating and I think it’s great when people can show their passion for their hobbies and interests at conventions so everyone has the chance to see their work.  In North America, I think it’s awesome that we step back and give people a chance to display their art of creating costumes.

With the few conventions in Ontario – Anime North and Fan Expo being the biggest events that bring in over 100,000 participants, you see many cosplayers.  For 2014, I think I am going to be brave enough to cosplay as one of my favorite characters  – which one, I am not sure as yet since I have so many interesting characters in comics, television and movies.


If you have ever wanted to cosplay, you should give it a try.  As my daughter suggests, start with an easy costume that is not too elaborate so you get the feel of cosplaying and if you like it, then go all out the next time.

J. Andrew


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