Online Dating


We are in the age of technology and that goes for dating as well.  I never thought I would be the kind of person to pursue that type of get-together but what choice do we have now?

Trying to rely on your friends to hook you up with other friends is limiting.  Meeting someone in a bar is passé and sends the wrong signals, unless you’re looking for “Mr. Right Now”.  Hooking up with someone at work is a bad idea for so many reasons, so what other options do you have?

Creating an online profile allows you to sit comfortably in your home and devise a good and honest description of yourself in such a way that entices people to contact you.  Lying from the start about yourself is a bad idea since you may either attract the wrong people or it displays a dishonest character.

I have to admit that women get a lot more responses than men and within the first month of posting a new profile, the emails on your profile are so overwhelming it’s hard to keep track.

The dating website suggests that you post a picture for more responses because men like to look at who they are interested in but I don’t feel comfortable doing that.  I have found that if your profile is genuine and interesting, you get just as many responses and if the introduction to you is nice, then exchanging pictures works out.  In your profile, let your potential partner know that you are willing to exchange pictures once you feel you have hit it off.

There are so many men just looking for one thing so it will weed out the ones that are only interested in a physical relationship.  As far as I am concerned, looks shouldn’t be the main reason you are looking for a companion.

Please adhere to the internet/online safety as it pertains to dating.  Before meeting anyone, please read the safety tips from this website  There are so many sites to choose from but the ones that I have found success in meeting up with friends and potential dates is and (POF being my favorite).

Why it is so hard to find someone that connects with you, I’ll never know, but putting yourself out there using the new age of technology is going to get you someone you can spend time with.  Stop putting it off and make the move but be safe.  Happy hunting!

Catherine Anderson

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