One of my favorite days to celebrate is Halloween.  When I was younger, I always dressed up, especially in High School and continuing on in my years in college and beyond.  My parents are from the islands and never heard of dressing up for Halloween and going to people’s homes to get candy.  They thought it was outrageous but I’m glad they allowed me to participate in the North American tradition.

One of my favorite costumes were witches of several types, a ghetto clown, vampires of all sorts and pirates.  For the year 2013, I am donning a corpse bridesmaid outfit in the tradition of the day of the dead and celebrating it on Saturday night – 26th.  This will free up my time for the night of the 31st when I can give out candy to all the kids.

I am excited that this is the first year my daughter is going to an all ages Halloween party with her friends.  Most years she was able to go out trick-a-treating but now she will find out the joys of dressing up, yet again, to celebrate with her friends.

What I love so much about Halloween is that for one night, you can pretend to be anyone you want and no one cares!  Everyone is out there to have just as much fun as you, no matter how old you are.  Never forget that with age comes wisdom and responsibility but also to maintain your youthfulness and vitality, you need to cut loose and have fun as well.

Catherine Anderson

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