It’s funny how in this day and age not too many people think of courage.

Back in the day when women had to fight for their rights and we had to stand up to bullies, it seems like it was a way of life. Things today are a little simpler and sometimes when looking back at our past, we thank our lucky stars that we didn’t have to fight as hard as our ancestors.  However, we still need courage and sometimes we are oblivious to those who have to be courageous every day.

I’m a member of the school council and I see some children come to school every day, knowing that their parents aren’t there for them.  Being part of an abusive or neglected family, they come to school every day to get a free high school education so they can leave their life behind and give them a start to a good future.  That’s courage we don’t see.

I also volunteered for a shelter when I was younger.  An organization that looked after pregnant teens to teach them how to survive with simple basic rules of life.  These teens are guided by helpful people who are trying to teach them to live normal lives as a single mother and to have courage to go on.

Courage doesn’t just come from doctors, officers and fire fighters.  Courage comes from every day people trying to survive, not just for themselves but for their families.  Life is tough and we are so engrossed with our own lives that we neglect to really see who are neighbours are and what other people are going through.

When you feel as if you have the right to judge someone, think of what he or she could really be going through and the courage it takes to go on.

Try to make someone’s life a little easier because we are all being courageous.  Stepping out our door to embrace life, to live life ….. we are embodying courage every day.

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