I used to write a relationship column for a website, until the unfortunate occurrence of its demise.  I enjoyed telling the tale of my dating and relationship ventures because I liked to share my experiences.  I knew there were women out there who had the same experience and it was good to get input so you didn’t feel alone.

I have one piece of advice for young women who are seriously thinking if the man you are going out with is worth being in a serious relationship.  Do not go out with a man that has no life and needs you to fulfill his.  You may think you want to be his best friend and lover, but when you get to a point in your career or your life, that is filled with ambition and you need to work hard to obtain your goals, if you have a man that requires you to entertain him then he will keep you back.

The best person to be with is someone who can share his life with you, not someone who needs you to have a life.  With both partners fulfilled, it leaves room for conversation and neither partner will feel left out.

It’s exciting to know that you have subjects to talk about, friends on both sides of the relationship to see and spend time with as well as being able to plan get-togethers without feeling frustrated that you are providing the guest list of only your friends.

A healthy and happy relationship is one that is shared between two of you.  It’s not easy and there are so many aspects that sometimes it’s hard to keep a handle on it.  Don’t become his party planner, become his girlfriend.



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