Fan Expo Exposed

    Thursday, Aug. 22

The anticipation was incredible. We were so excited that when my daughter and I got to the Metro Convention Center to stand in a long line up for people with advanced tickets, we were not dismayed. At least the line kept moving but there were so many people and these were the weekend ticket holders.

After we got our Premium tickets, we had to stand in another line when we got inside so that we could get our goodie bag and T-shirt. If you like batman comics, you would have liked the free comic in the bag. As it is, I liked the logo on the T-shirt and the Infinity comic heroes on the Expo bag.

From what I could experience, the only benefit between the Deluxe and Premium weekend passes is the use of the VIP Lounge area, the free Fan Expo bag of your choice and free entrance into Comic-Con next year. Otherwise, I’m not sure if paying the extra $30 was worth it.

I spent the early entrance time, before the masses were let in at 4pm, walking to each major booth to get schedules and free stuff. Although I did get a few free comic books, buttons and a lanyard, there weren’t too many other things this year.

I got a chance to see a few booths. The Lyra Art Supply booth had great art supplies for 60% off so I picked up a few drawing materials.

I went to a workshop on How to plot any story in under an hour and we did it in 55 minutes. It was educational and very helpful. It empowered me enough to go and put ideas together to “fix” a story that I am currently working on.

My daughter was able to get many celebrities, comic book artists and creators, and voice actors to sign her banner for her. Luckily, she only had to pay a few of them for their autograph.

I saw Alice Cooper and he looked just like the rock star he is and I also saw Carrie Fisher and the person who does the voice of My Little Pony.

    Friday, Aug. 23

I spent most of the day making my purchases. I got a really cool clockwork pocket watch, a pair of Tardis earrings and some Grimm Fairy Tale comic books, signed by the artist.

In the afternoon, I went to the Space booth to see the cast of Orphan Black. I took pictures and it was awesome. The main character wasn’t there but I got to see the cop, her boyfriend and her best friend-who were all good looking. At the autograph booth, I got a glimpse of George Takei so I must try to talk to him before the expo is over.

I intended to go to the Pro Author panel for Epic World Building and Magic but my daughter and I were just too tired. We were on our feet since 9am and once 7:15pm rolled around, we just wanted to crash.

    Saturday, Aug. 24

The bulk of the day was spent taking pictures of cosplayers, pictures of the wild displays around the floor and going to workshops. I have a picture of many Daleks, Kitt from Knight Rider and Batman’s awesome car.

Don’t listen to everxything you read in the Fan Expo Schedule book. I went to stand in the lineup for The Adventure Time screening and it stated in the book that the first 50 people get the DVD of season 2, however when everyone was standing in line, we found out that it was now a lottery. Unfortunately, we didn’t win but we got the chance to see the new episode and the 5 favorite ones. Darn that change! We could have gotten the DVD.

Once my daughter and I separated, to go check out our own things, she went on to get more signatures of comic book artists and I went on to see the screening of the next season of Call Me Fitz. It was being hosted by Jason Priestly who does a great job with that character. He looked great but seemed distracted. It wasn’t a full house so I hope he wasn’t disappointed about the turnout.

Before we left, I had to take the time to say hello to George Tekei. He hasn’t attended an expo for 10 years so I didn’t want to lose the opportunity. I loved his acting in the Star Trek series and I love his voice. My daughter and I shook his hand and I was lost in his deep voice as he talked to us.

    Sunday, August 25

The only thing I had arranged today was to visit any booth I didn’t get a chance to see and to also view the Season Premier of Once Upon A Time new season. With our stuff lugging around from the hotel, however, my daughter and I decided to just go to one panel and head home.

It was a grea “long” weekend and I wouldn’t have missed it for the world. You only live once and you should enjoy every moment of it.

By J. Catherine Andrew Posted in Blog

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