Fan Expo Canada

fan expo 2

I know that a few of my recent postings have been for events that is going on at the convention, however, I have to admit that I am excited to go.  Where can you go to see Daleks by the dozen or the star troopers from Star Wars?  Where can you go to see like-minded people having a great time and enjoying themselves cosplaying?  Where can you go to participate in tournaments and workshops that you never would have before.

What about star gazing?  Now that’s something you can take home with you in your memories forever.  I still remember the great time I had at last year’s convention when I met one of my favourite characters of True Blood – Raphael.  I purchased my bottle of Tru Blood and took it with me to his panel.  He is a great guy and I was glad to have met him.  Now, every time I watch True Blood, I smile to myself and say “hey, I talked to that guy”.

I got a chance to see Kitt, the car from Nightrider which will also be at this year’s convention.  The car from Back to the Future was awesome to see, when you loved watching the movies.

The convention gives you the opportunity to discover new things, like Steampunk.  I didn’t know much about it until I spoke to a few members of the Steampunk Society and got a chance to see the awesome costumes and gadgets.  They feature horror, anime, science fiction and fantasy, gaming, comics and just recently they added a sports category.

The booths are phenomenal with all kinds of items you can buy – from clothes, games, jewellry, autographs, books and so much that you never have enough money.  The best thing too is that the entire family can join you on your crazy escapade.

What kind of trouble am I going to get myself in this year at Fan Expo?  You’ll just have to wait and see.



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