Mother’s Day

I had a wonderful Mother’s Day and I hope every mother did too.

My 16 year old daughter surprised me with a hand drawn picture of me as a comic book hero. We both share our love of graphic novels and with her drawing talents, it was great to see me in uniform. She also purchased comic book #1 of Silk Spectre from Minutemen, as we also share a love for The Watchman and all that encompasses it.

She also got me a candy apple covered in white chocolate and marshmallow, from Rocky Mountain. I’ve waited a long time to buy one for my birthday since it’s a treat but didn’t get the chance. It was a great surprise to see that she remembered and picked up a Mother’s Day one for me.

I know that everyday should be an appreciation to your Mother, or other caregiver who has always been there for you. I also know that society seems to take special days like this to be all about how much money a store can make, but deep down it’s all about appreciating your mom.

I hope you did your part and told your mother how much you care, love and appreciate her.

JC Andrew, “All the world is a stage and I have yet to make my grand entrance.”

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