Concert – For All Ages

I remember going to my first concert in grade 11 with my boyfriend, whom my father didn’t approve of since he wore more jewelry than me.

It went to see Prince and Sheila E was the opening act. It was downtown and I was excited. I only ever saw two more concerts after that – Michael Jackson with his brothers and an outdoor concert at Ontario Place.

When my daughter, also in grade 11, approached me to request to see a concert downtown I was weary at first. Then I thought of how excited I was and agreed, as long as I was the parental unit who was the chaperon.

It was on Friday night, the tickets to see Watsky at the Phoenix Theatre were reasonable and it was downtown at Sherbourne and College, which was easy enough to get to. With her two friends in tow, we stood in a long line up, squeezed into a big room and ears throbbing as the music blared around the room.

I’m glad I went. She was excited and happy to experience her first concert to which I was witness. Youth is something that comes and goes, then you’re left with the rest of your adult life to contend with. I wanted to make the most of her youth so she doesn’t look back and have any regrets.

When’s the next concert? April 27, of course! We’ll see how that goes.

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