Creation..Do We Really Know?

No one will actually be 100% sure as to human origins.

Ancient Aliens on the History channel had an interesting theory about the creation of humans. Instead of humans being created from “goo” on earth, they claim that humans came from organisms that are found in the rocks of the comets that came from space.

Human DNA is too complex to have originated from Earth. There is over 50% of the DNA molecules that we don’t understand therefore it is believed that it came from another race.

If you think about it, if humans originated from apes because there’s a lot of similarities, then why don’t apes continue to evolve? Especially in this day and age, you would expect evolution to continue.

There will always be a fascination with our origins and I’m glad. Maybe some day, we’ll be able to find the true story.

JC Andrew, “All the world is a stage and I have yet to make my grand entrance.”

By J. Catherine Andrew Posted in Comment

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