Ode to March Break

I long for the March Break so I can breath a sigh of relief when I don’t have to worry about school lunches and having to ensure my daughter gets up for school. It’s not only a break for the students but also a break for some parents.

march break

Now that the March Break or Spring Break is over and everyone who has gone on vacation has returned, it’s back to traffic and worrying if you’re going to get a call from your child’s teacher for missed classes and incomplete homework.  I practically hold my breath at work until my daughter returns home safe and sound from school, without any issues.  Now it’s back to “normalcy”.

Now I can’t wait for Spring to actually arrive.  The cold, windy days and lack of sun gets me depressed.  The longer days helps to buffer the sad feeling that winter is still holding its grip on Mother Nature.  I hate to bundle up but still do, I long to enjoy the outdoors but can’t get myself to get over the low cold tolerance.

Ode to the March Break and hopefully we will welcome the warm weather again.

JC Andrew, life’s participant


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