Insurance….Why Bother?

You know, it’s funny when you think about the subject of insurance.   Obviously, you have car insurance, which is very important and house/mortgage insurance, which is equally so.  I never gave life insurance or any other kind of insurances a second’s though until I got into my accident.


At the time, I thought that it was a waste of money but when I saw my daughter’s face when she was so happy to see me at the hospital, I thought what would happen to her if I was gone.  I guess I always thought it was morbid to think of it or maybe if I got some insurance, I thought that I would feel closer to the grave but it actually provides a feeling of security.

To know that she doesn’t have to worry, stops me from worrying.  It also gives you a feeling of urgency to live your life.  I never realized that I was sheltering myself from being truly happy and in a weird sort of way, having insurance gives me the freedom.

Planning for a financial future, before it’s too late, is always a good idea.

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