Clearing The Sidewalks This Winter

sidewalk blocked

I think it’s appalling that citizens have to walk on the street when the sidewalk does not get cleared by anyone.  Especially after a snowstorm, you have to walk on the side of the road among the big, industrial trucks that pass on each side.  It’s very dangerous and it’s unfair to the people who have to walk to work.

This happens every year and I would hate to think that there may be people who find themselves vulnerable because the Peel Region in Ontario will not enforce companies to clear their sidewalk to make it safe for pedestrians to make their way to work.  It happens to be voluntary, can you believe that?

It’s voluntary for management to clear the walkway so we have to rely on the goodness of their hearts to clear the way so someone doesn’t get killed by a truck.  We have to rely on the goodness of management in hopes that they care enough about their own employees and those of others, to make the way safe to walk during slippery, icy, snow blocked conditions.


I have included pictures of the conditions that pedestrians have to endure to walk to work and later have to walk home.  The sidewalks are covered with snow and ice which forces people to walk on the side of the street.  It is often riddled with large, industrial trucks that pass down the road on each side, putting everyone in danger.

Someone has to speak out and do something about making it safe for the people on Wharton Way, in Mississauga, Ontario, to be able to walk to work and make a living.  Someone has to inform the Peel Region of the possible dangers that are faced on the road, just over the fact that these businesses are not made to do something as simple as clear the sidewalks to make it a safe passage.

My employer made several attempts to contact the government in regards to my concerns and his issue was not taken seriously.  Flyers were sent out and god forbid that management at these businesses on Wharton Way even do anything.  It’s until the city experiences a death, that anything will be done about the negligence that is being caused.  When someone’s safety should be paramount, the City turns a blind eye when a call for help is taking place.


As per my pictures attached, you can see the types of conditions pedestrians have to maneuver with the trucks and the lack of sufficient places to walk in winter.  Mayor Hazel McCallion for the Peel Region in Ontario, should be appalled by the lack of empathy and should be notified by the negligence that is taking place in regards to not administering a safe environment in Peel.

J. Andrew


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