What Not To Wear

I know some of you have seen the television show What Not To Wear?  The show where two hosts tell you that the clothes you are wearing suck and you have to step it up and wear clothes for your body type and age?

Well, after my accident (from my last blog entry), I had time to think of what was in my wardrobe.  It only takes your fingers to type something, while your body and mind heal, so I started to think of all the old, comfortable clothes that I have had in my closet for years.  I still like my big, warm, comfortable sweaters that I can’t seem to part with or my faded, soft, baggy jeans.  I know that I have to revamp my wardrobe, as soon as I get my feet back on the ground.

What kind of look should I go for?  I thought.  As much as I like the new trends and the fashionable attire, I still can’t get myself to wear those types of clothes.  I hibernate in the winter, when it comes to fashion.  I wear my nondescript, large winter coat, my big, black boots and my scarf and gloves to keep me warm.  A warm Michelin Man is all I am in the winter.

Come Spring, Summer or Fall is when I break out of my shell and experiment more with color, fabrics and textures.  When you Spring clean this year, remember to not only go through your closets to clean them but to also go through your closets to change it up and look for something new for yourself.

Believe me when I tell you that when you don’t know when your last moment will be, try to come out of your comfortable box and live the way you would love to see yourself.  Picture yourself in a photo shoot and visualize what designer’s clothes you want to wear – even if that designer happens to be George from WalMart.

Live a little – or live a lot.  Just remember to think outside of the box every once in a while and you’ll have no regrets.

J. Andrew


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