Live Life

You hear it all the time. People telling you to live as if tomorrow is your last day or to live life to the fullest, but do you really? I thought I was until I got into an accident. Then it hit me like a slap in the face.

I wasn’t living, I was surviving with a few perks. I put myself last and waited too long to enjoy the simple things I planned for myself. I had all these ideas and plans that I shelved away, telling myself that I’ll have time to get to them. Well, I almost didn’t.

Fear of losing the only thing I really have – my life, made me realize that I have to put it into perspective. To go over my goals and dreams and stop procrastinating about the one thing that will make me happy. I would hate to have regrets and to think that “I could have” or “should have”, when all along it was in my grasp.

I have had time to reflect and through the pain of getting better, there are many things I will change – little things that I put off before.

Take responsibility of your life and your happiness. Don’t forget about taking care of you – emotionally. Don’t forget to love you.


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