Enpower Your Employees

A small percentage of people actually enjoy their jobs, but what makes it more enjoyable is when your employer gives you the space to perform.

In my job, I have the confidence that my boss has my back. I have proven myself through my abilities, my experience and my past decisions. With the free reign of having to make decisions, required in a customer service position, it makes you feel competent.

It takes serious dedication to prove to your Manager or supervisor that you are capable. When you have their confidence, you feel like you can excel.

Research from the University of Iowa, and tips taken from an article in OfficePro – October 2012, state that management can perform the following things to make workers better.

Share information and make your employees feel like a valued part of the company. You don’t have to know the ins and outs of operation but knowing how the company is growing and what part you play, makes you feel good.

Inspire, provide feedback and be a good mentor. Proper training and frequent learning will keep employees at the top of their game.

Enjoying your job, your environment and feeling confident about yourself and the fact that management is on your side, will make you a productive person at work and a happier person overall.

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