Back To School



When I was in school, I enjoyed the study time and the social time with friends and study sessions with classmates.  Now that I am older, the thought of going back to school is only to further my education and excel in my profession.

I loved going to school because I enjoyed reading, writing and interacting with others that shared my interest of the subject.  I have to admit that I had to put my education on hold as my daughter grew up since it was important for me to give her my undivided attention but now that she is older, I can look towards completing some unfinished school business.

Although I am still there for her, she doesn’t need as much of my attention as she used to so I can also concentrate on furthering my education.

It’s not easy.  After a long day at work, it’s hard to get yourself pumped up for a few hours at night in college.  Add that with working on my blogs and website, while trying to write a book, I feel exhausted almost every day.  It’s the weekends I crave where I get to relax and rewind for the new week ahead.

What I like about night school is that I get to study one course at a time and pay for one course at a time.  It may take longer but since I have a full time job, there is no rush to complete the business diploma.  Once I finish the program, I will feel more confident in my position at work.  I currently hold a Business Writing and Freelance Writing Diploma but to work my way towards management, I need something more business oriented.  I have years of customer service and administrative experience but in this day and age, you need educational backing to excel in the corporate world.

When going to night school, you need dedication, ambition and you need to be happy with the decision.  If you feel like it is going to be a burden or too much work, no matter if it’s important to your career or not, you will not succeed.  You have to want it and will fight to work at it.  You have to put your mind to it and know that it will be better for you.

Something worth having is worth working for, right?  Now I have to go and study.





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