Happy New Year For 2013!

Well, it looks like we’re still here at the end of December!  Happy New Year!  I had the chance to go to an End of the World Party and I danced like it was the end of the world!  Now we’re back, in January and celebrating the start of a new year.  I know that everyone is creating a resolution and going to try to stick with it.  My resolution for 2013 is to finally complete all those projects I started last year so I’ll keep you posted.

One of my favorite new year’s resolution was the year I decided to try something new.  I had to admit that it lasted for six months before I decided that I had enough of the new and wanted to seek comfort in the old.  I had a lot of fun and discovered more about myself than I realized.  I tried new foods, new genres, new clubs, new restaurants, played new games, watched new movies that I wouldn’t have seen (still stayed away from horror, though) and made some new friends.  It was one of the best new year’s resolutions that I had ever had.

2013 will be a challenge since I have to get myself in gear and sit down to make a plan that will be successful in my project endeavours.  Writing projects, personal projects and wonderful ideas I concocted to keep me busy and entertained.  While cleaning up at the end of December, I came across half written stories, bookmarks in the pages of books I had not finished, bins of papers I had not sorted through yet so I took a deep breath, let it out slowly and said to myself, “Well, this is a New Year’s Resolution waiting to happen” and there it was.


I would love to hear what your New Year’s Resolution is for 2013.  You can send me a tweet through my Twitter Account at femmevip.  I wish you a happy 2013, hoping that you enjoyed the holidays, and may you have a prosperous year.


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