Smoking Ban

I heard Toronto, Ontario is thinking of expanding the smoking ban to include restaurant patios, public sports fields, hospital grounds, bus stops, public squares and entrance ways.   I think that is a great idea, and not because I am a non-smoker either.  I have heard many smokers say that they can’t stand to leave a building to bump into a bunch of smokers blocking the doorway.

I was under the impression that smokers had to be a certain distance away, when smoking at a public establishment but when you leave the building, there they are standing around.  Sometimes I have to give them credit, because through bad weather – rain and snow, smoking is still going on.

Smoking is a health hazard and it is not fair for non-smokers to be subjected to the second hand smoke and be given no rights to choose if he or she should be subjected to it.  Children have to take the bus and use public places so why should they also be subjected to the smoke.  Society is trying to set a good example for them and it’s good to see many young people abstaining from cigarettes and alcohol.

A health hazard should not be conducted in a public place.  With all health hazards, there are security measures that are put into place to protect people.  Why can’t the government see that protecting non-smokers should be an important issue.  I hope Toronto enforces this ban and then have the rest of the cities follow suit.

Smoking is a personal choice so the habit should be left for the home.  If you smoke, you should smoke at home and not bring it to the public.  We have come a long way but we still have more to go when it comes to protecting people and their health choices.

Restaurant owners are afraid that people who smoke will huddle in their houses or apartments and sit and smoke in a group.  That seems dismal to me and I don’t think that smokers think like that.  It didn’t happen when the smoke ban was enforced in the bars.  They were still packed with people every Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights so that fear was dissipated.  The same people who go out and enjoy themselves at bars are the same people who are going to come out and enjoy themselves at restaurants.  I really think that smokers like to socialize just as much as non-smokers do and if you are a smoker, knowing you can no longer smoke on the patio, I think the smoking will be done before you go and socialize.

I am not an outraged non-smoker.  I am just supporting the fact that smoking is bad for your health, just like overeating and drinking too much alcohol – which I do not support either.  Everyone should maintain a healthy lifestyle and a routinely active life.  If you choose otherwise, the public should have to be subjected to the bad choices of others.

By J. Catherine Andrew Posted in Comment

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