Don’t Give Up

Do you remember when you told yourself that you have to go back to school and finish your education?  Well, I have many times.  Through the turmoil of my life, I never had the chance – be it financial or time, to ever get back to complete my Business Diploma.  At the time, completing an online course was still new and I felt out of place telling anyone that I graduated through the internet.

Now, I am ready to go.  Through a reputable college such as Seneca, I am moving forward to complete my Business Diploma online.  I already have some courses under my belt from Humber College but they do not have the resources available to me so I can finish the rest of the courses through distance.  I did have the pleasure of attending night school, to which I am grateful.  I like the atmosphere and I like working with the teacher and the rest of the students.  Unfortunately, with today’s economy, I am working late at work and doing some freelance on the side so I don’t have time to physically go into a classroom to attend a class.

Thank goodness for the internet in that respect.  I feel as if I am half way there so I need to feel complete by also completing my education.  For many years, I have been answering surveys where I mark down “some college” and that always bothered me.  I didn’t want anyone to think I was lazy or dropped out.  I work very hard at the company I work for but I don’t feel confident in moving forward with everyone else, until I have gone the extra mile to finish.

My employer is willing to help so I am also going to help myself and put together a program that I can complete in two years’ time.  It’s never too late.  The best thing about the internet courses is that you don’t have to feel ashamed or embarrassed by being an adult student.  You work at your own pace, you work in your own space and in the end, you will accomplish your goal.

I do have a Business Writing Diploma and a Freelance Writing Diploma in Genre Fiction, through vocational institutions, to which I am very proud.  The documents have given me the confidence to pursue my writing, enjoy the blogs I create and allow me to reach out to authors and publishers to request the pleasure of reviewing books.  Now it is time to take it to the next level and finish what I started long ago.

Never give up on your dreams.  Never surrender to life!

Catherine Anderson

Freelance Writer and Book Reviewer

By J. Catherine Andrew Posted in Blog

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