School Council

Now that school is back, the School Council is also back in session. The hardest part about being a member is trying to get the parents to come to the meetings. Once their children have hit high school, some parents believe that it’s all over and there isn’t anything left for them to do for their kids. What some parents don’t realize is that the school effects more than your kids but also your community. With more parents on the board or just coming to the meetings for support, they can fight for more funding to bring the programs that will get their kids ahead. With a lower income community, the school board and the MP of the area doesn’t see it fit to give. With a louder voice, a school council can pave the way for better funding, a better opportunity to fundraise thus stopping the school from having to cut courses.

At the end of September, the school is going to have to cut some courses and also some teachers, which will leave the students having to choose replacements so late in the beginning of the year. It will impact the students and the council has their hands tied. A strong force can bring down the hardest wall and we need that force. Students need that force too. Your children will not have the same opportunities as in better privileged areas if you don’t fight for what they deserve. We need the resources for our children in Malton, Mississauga to grow and learn just like any other school. We need computers and not old boxes that are 20 years old. We need the Arts and Sports that provide a balanced education. We need to be heard at Lincoln M. Alexander High School in Malton! Support your school council!

By J. Catherine Andrew Posted in Comment

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